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Dr. Rachna Patel is a world-recognized expert in the field of Cannabinoid Medicine. Since 2012, her consultations have helped people relieve their symptoms, transform their health & live a better quality of life. People have walked away from her consultations with a clear understanding of how to use CBD products, what to expect when using CBD products, while also dispelling fears people may have and putting their minds at ease. She has helped people from many different countries manage a wide range of medical conditions including anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and more.

Her insights into the field have helped many, many people. And, now having expanded to Doc Patels she hopes to reach even more in need of her help. With Doc Patels, Dr. Patel’s aim is to put medical grade CBD products in the hands of licensed medical professionals, while providing the education & training these medical professionals need to help their patients make informed decisions about CBD & CBD products.

Dr. Patel completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (IL) and earned her medical degree from Touro University (CA). Her background is in Emergency Medicine. She ventured into the field of Cannabinoid Medicine in 2012. And there’s been no turning back.

Guidelines to Recommending Medical Cannabinoids

Doc Patels CBD Course For Medical Professionals

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Who is Dr. Patel?

Course developed by leading CBD expert and physician Dr. Patel. The course provides medical education for medical professionals who want to learn about medical cannabinoids, like CBD, and their potential clinical application & benefits.

Learn evidence-based and clinical outcomes-based answers to these questions and more! Everything you should've learned about Cannabinoids in medical school, but didn't.

  1. What is the Endocannabinoid system? Learn about the basic science of the Endocannabinoid System - from agonists to antagonists to receptors and regulatory enzymes.

  2. What is the pharmacologic profile of the Cannabinoids?

  3. What are the indications for Cannabinoids?

  4. What are the contraindications of Cannabinoids?

  5. What are the side effects of Cannabinoids? How to avoid & manage side effects in patients.

  6. Drug Interactions to watch out for with Cannabinoids.